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These will be some of your most important tools in language learning

Dictionaries - Hiztegiak - Dictionnaires - Diccionarios


Wordreference.com multilingual dictionary

Reverso.com multilingual dictionary

Oxford multilingual dictionary with pronunciation and sayings

Mac Millan monolingual dictionary with pronunciation & related words

Merrian-Webster American dictionary with pronunciation and history of the word

The Cooks' Thesaurus

BBC food ingredients A to Z

Kitchen ingredients dictionary

For other specialized dictionaries

Monolingual dictionary with web followers adopting words

Video dictionary

Visual dictionary





Larousse cuisine

Le Figaro - boissons

Statistiques mondiales Boissons


Basque Spanish Spanish Basque Dictionary

Elhuyar Hiztegia

English Basque Spanish French Latin Euskalterm Dictionary

English Basque Morris Dictionary

Lanbide heziketa Euskal termino bilatzeko

Grammar & other aspects of the language

Comunidad para el aprendizaje de idiomas gratis on line

British Council web resources

Silvana's wiki

Learn English with Vaughan - Aprende inglés con Vaughan

Susi's wiki to help out with your general English

Blog du la francophonie

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Here you have a list of our recommended coursebooks, dictionaries and other literature

Paper Resources

Longman Pocket – Pearson Educación 2000 (Spanish-English) ISBN: 84-205-2898-6

Oxford Pocket – OUP 2000 (Spanish-English) ISBN: 0-19-431526-6Morris Pocket- Gráficas Lizarra Mikel

Morris-Klaudio Harxulet Fundazioa 1998 (Basque-English) ISBN: 84-89638-13-6

Diccionario de Gastronomía y Hostelería- Paraninfo 1999 (Spanish-English) ISBN: 84-283-2557-x

Vocabulary practise

Test Your Professional English – Hotel and Catering by Alison Pohl Penguin English Guides -Longman- 2002 ISBN: 05824561N: 0 582 45161 2


Highly Recommended – English for the Hotel and Catering Industry – New Edition- OUP 2004 Book: 0-19-457463-6 Workbook: 0-19-457465-6

(Compulsory textbook for Management enrolled students)

Hôtellerie-restauration.com Français professionnel Editorial CLE International ISBN 978-209-038046-0
(Compulsory textbook for 2nd year Catering Management enrolled students)

All Management courses will also use the School's Notebook for English for Managers and Cahiér

Restaurants & Catering. Emma Morgan; -Editorial Burlington- Student's Book: 9789963510597 Workbook: 9789963510597

(Compulsory textbook for Bartending enrolled students)

Bakery and Cookery and Gastronomy enrolled students will use the School's Notebook

Ready to Order – Pearson Education – Longman 2002 Book: ISBN: 0582 42955 2 Workbook: ISBN: 0582 42956 0

For further literature on English, nutrition, food, etc.

On-line cookery book

Free online learning materials

To browse for literature on culinary and hospitality

On-line cookery magazine

Oxford University Press

Pearson Education

Mc Millan